Do Wineries Like BitCork?

“BitCork’s personalized approach to distribution of wine is innovative and brilliant. They worked closely with us to become familiar with our brand and to be sure our pricing was set right for placement in many area restaurants. BitCork delivered as promised, and their customer service skills are unmatched. We couldn’t be more happy with our new distributor relationship!”

- Julia Crowley, General Manager, Hayworth Estate Wines

Get Your Wines Poured and Placed in Restaurants

For Wineries restaurants are fantastic! It’s a great environment to drink wine and restaurants will list your wine for a higher price than your tasting room.

BitCork doesn’t carry mass-produced wine. Our sales people only pour wine for small wineries. Your wine placement at a restaurant won’t fall victim to the whim of a salesperson’s bonus or get lost in a book with thousands of SKUs.

Our only goal is to get artisan wine into restaurants. We feel that’s best for the consumer and the restaurant!

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Grow Your Direct to Consumer Sales — Profitably

As an artisan winery, you should do the vast majority of sales DTC (Direct to Consumer). That way you can maintain customer relationships and keep your profit margins solid.

Working with BitCork means you sell your wine just a few cases at a time. You don’t have to commit half your production only to later to find your wines blown out at a discount site.

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We Don’t Dictate Pricing

Unlike most distributors, we aren’t negotiating to buy your wine by the pallet. Our pricing model is transparent and allows us to work together to find the right price point for your wine at restaurants.

Have a wine you only have three cases of but another that would be easy to sell fifty of? That’s fine. Adjust your pricing so that it works for the volume you’d like to sell.

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