BitCork for Restaurants

Improve Your List While Keeping Your Inventory Low

At BitCork, our goal is to make it easier on restaurants to have a great wine list. Why should you have to buy three cases of a wine to get a “good” price? Our minimum order is one bottle. Really.

So add several bottles and see what your customers want to buy. You have the power to easily re-shape and improve your list without spending thousands of dollars.

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Stop Competing with Grocery Stores

If a guest at your restaurant looks up your wine on their smart phone and finds it for half the price on your wine list at a grocery store that’s a bad customer experience.

Instead, carry small production local and artisan wines that can’t be found at large grocery stores and that hold a high value for your guests.

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Deliveries on Any Day — Even Saturday or Sunday

Why wait until your rep shows up in your restaurant to order? Download our smart phone app, order on Friday night and have in-stock orders arrive the next day.

Have a special menu item that needs a special wine, or an event that needs an extra four bottles of Chardonnay? Punch in your order on a Sunday while you’re working on the menu and know it will arrive in time.

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