Helping Restaurants Buy Artisan Wine One Bottle At A Time

Improve Your List While Keeping Your Inventory Low

We understand that during these times, you might just be selling through your current inventory. That's great! If you need anything from us, even PPE supplies, we are happy to deliver any day of the week.

Of course, if you do want to order a few bottles to keep your inventory low and cash tight, we're happy to help.

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PPE and Medical Supplies Delivered

At BitCork, we worked with some other technology companies to bring in PPE supplies, hand sanitizer and other things that were needed at Nursing Homes that might not have the buying power of hospitals.

Now we know restaurants need those supplies, too! So you can order them right through the BitCork app. Contact your rep, or send us an email at and we'll get back to you and get any PPE or supplies you need. (Note, we are marking these up to our costs, so they are substantially less than most sources. Please order only what you need!)

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Deliveries on Any Day — Even Saturday or Sunday (Even for PPE Supplies!)

Why wait until your rep shows up in your restaurant to order? Download our smart phone app, order on Friday night and have in-stock orders arrive the next day.

Have a special menu item that needs a special wine, or an event that needs an extra four bottles of Chardonnay? Punch in your order on a Sunday while you’re working on the menu and know it will arrive in time.

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